Studio A
Multi-capable audio studio with control room and separate voice booth

Facilities include:
Focusrite mic pre-amps – Mics by Neumann & AKG
SADiE 6 Digital Audio Workstation
Sync to video HDD for Sound-to-Picture sessions

For remote audio sessions:
2 x Telephone Balance Units (‘phone patch’)
Source-Connect and ipDTL
ISDN Audio Codecs
(MPEG L2/3, APT-X, G722)

Recording to:

Studio B (also known as: The Voxbox)
Single person voice booth with control room

Record/Replay to & from:

Digital editing on SADiE or Adobe Audition

Telephone Balance Unit and ISDN Audio Codec (MPEG L2, L3, G722) for remote session monitoring and production.

Please note that Studio B does not automatically have space and facilities allocated for clients to physically attend and produce sessions, so please be sure to let us know, when you’re booking, if you plan on joining us in person.

Need a recording somewhere else? No problem – we often do outside recordings too.

Source-Connect id: a1vox_studios
Studio A ISDN: (+44)(0)20 7734 2009
Studio B ISDN: (+44)(0)20 7734 0068