Sir Donald Sinden, R.I.P.

We’re saddened to hear of the death today, at 90, of Sir Donald Sinden, one of England’s theatrical greats.

It’s a few years since he was last in our studios, but his visits are warmly remembered here.

Sir Donald Sinden visits A1 VOX A1 VOX MD Charles Nove recalls:   “We were very excited to have Sir Donald coming in, and we were fully prepared to treat him with all the deference due to a theatrical Knight of the Realm.   Formality was quickly dispelled when he reached the top of our stairs and said, in that wonderfully distinctive voice: “Tell me, dear boy, is there a place where one might have a cigarette?”.      Potentially tricky, this, I thought, as the building’s a No Smoking zone, and the only proper solution would be a trek back out onto Old Compton Street.   There was an option, but dare I venture it…?    I explained the situation and tentatively offered the alternative: the lavatory window.    Sir Donald’s face lit up.  “Great!” he said “lead the way!” and, within seconds, this fine thesp was satisfying his craving, leaning out of the top-floor window.    Nicotine fix achieved, he was then back in for a cup of tea and some cheery conversation in our Green Room.”

Farewell, Sir Donald.  We greatly enjoyed meeting you and working with you.