Is it April already?

Hello! It’s been very busy here lately and here are some of our highlights:

New Bin!
We got a new bin! It’s terribly exciting, so exciting that I couldn’t work out how to take a picture of it without getting myself caught in its general shininess. Still, I suppose that’s why I’m answering the phones and not in charge of the technical stuff in the studio…

If you’ve been following our facebook page you’ll see that we had a dog and his owner in the studio. Stephane and Laika were out for their daily walk when he got a call for a voice-over and so he bought Laika with him! She was the friendliest, loveliest dog and is welcome back any time.

Charles has been doing some one-to-one voice-over training recently helping a very nice Man who’s going to voice a documentary type series and it sounds like it’s going brilliantly. Whilst we were out for lunch the other day, Charles surprised both me and the waiter when he asked for a bag of the restaurants’ used wine bottle corks. I was a bit worried that Charles had some kind of cork sniffing problem, but it turns out that he uses them in training! Something to do with developing enunciation, apparently. Of course that must explain all the old corks I keep finding in the green room….

Her Majesty:
While we’re on the subject of Charles’ shenanigans he casually dropped into conversation the other day that he wouldn’t be in the office as he was in charge of the broadcast of BBC Radio Oxford’s Maundy Thursday coverage. Here he is in “Hello” Magazine. Oh ok, there isn’t really a picture of Charles, but The Queen looks lovely.

We’ve been fabulously busy lately and some of my favourites (in reverse order) were:

3. Peppa Pig coming in!

2. A lovely man voicing a talking washing machine

1. An ice-cream advert being recorded while it was snowing a blizzard outside!

Of course you’ve seen how terrible I am at taking photos (reference the Bin) so you’ll just have to take my word for these fabulous voice-overs. I’ll do better in future I promise.

Being Social:
Come and say Hello on Facebook when you’re there next, we’ll also be on twitter soon too.

Lastly – enjoy spring now that it looks like it’s here.