Chilly Warblings from A1

Last week was a busy old week at A1 VOX and I am happy to report that this week has also seen the studio jam packed, and full of vocal activity too!

Actor Hugo Speer joined us for his regular spot for tabloid TV ads. After his session he was off to the Groucho Club to meet a friend – oh so Soho! He said we would be welcome to join him – unfortunately there was the small obstacle of a studio to run so we couldn’t partake in Groucho afternoon delights…mores the pity!

We also had actress Kate Hardie in. She was never in doubt as to the life she wanted to lead. At the tender age of fourteen she secured her first film role in Runners, but only told her parents once she had actually got the part. Savvy young lady.

In fact one of the parents in question is none other than comedian turned naturalist Bill Oddie. Kate garnered her stage name from both parents (Jean Hart and Oddie = Hardie). Make sense?

The A1 team has also been hard at work. Charlie Norfolk, Felicity Duncan and Andrew Loudon all took part in a session for Vodaphone, whilst Mark Straker and Felicity dug deep to find their cartoon character voices for another booking.

Phil Tufnell and John Sergeant made appearances for their usual The One Show Comm Records, with Phil sporting a rather fetching tuxedo. Nice of you to dress up for us Phil.

Elsewhere our team have been gadding about the UK doing this and that.

One such, A1 Man-with –a –Voice-On-The-Move, Mr Charles Nove, has been continuing his regular weekend air slot on BBC Oxford but went back in radio time to join forces with Sir Terry Wogan and Alan Dedicoat, for the TOGs annual convention.

The event was held at the University of Leicester and sees the TOGs gather in support and celebration of their highly successful Children in Need charity fund raising activities.

The ‘Togmeister’ himself paid a visit to the University for a very different reason in 2010 when he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree. Saying:

‘I would have liked to have been a student here – it looks like a really nice campus. I am deeply honoured to have been offered an Honorary Doctor of Laws. I will, of course, now demand a certain amount of respect’.

Well it sure looks like Charles and Sir Terry were enjoying themselves at this particular event, and why not – the event is supposed to be a celebration of all the marvellous work the TOGs achieve during the year and just goes to show that you can do good in this world whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

Nick Chambers has also been busy away from A1.

Last weekend saw him starring in the world premiere of The Incredible Dr Guttman.

Determined producer Karen Simpson risked everything to tell the true story of how Guttman created the Paralympics whilst working at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

‘I knew it would be a fascinating story. A lot of people at the early stages didn’t know who I was talking about. But I felt it was worth talking about. I kept beavering away’.

Indeed she did as the project was shelved 3 years ago by the Oxfordshire Theatre Company because of arts cuts, however, Karen finally got the money in April thanks to the support of Aylesbury Vale District Council, Bucks County Council and Arts Council.

‘The play opens some of the echoes of the past and it give s a full picture of Guttman, what drove him, and why he was so driven’ Karen says.

The play charts Guttman’s life as a Jewish refugee, as a doctor who once operated on a senior member of the Nazi party, and his efforts to stop Jews being murdered during Kristallnacht.

‘These experiences explain why he was prepared to fight the establishment’ Karen continues.

So to our very own Nicholas Chambers– what does he make of this multi diemsional character he is playing?

‘Everybody has a different view of him. The people that worked with him say he was a tyrant, but the patients loved him and the most important thing to me is to get both sides across.

Not to play him as a good guy or a bad guy. Trying to capture his personality, he was a tour-de-force, an eccentric personality who spoke his mind’.

Well it sure seems Nick has done his homework and though he is one of ours I have to say, hand on heart, that he is a truly amazing talent and we wish him all the best for a successful tour.

If you would like to support Nick then please visit for more details.

And last but by no means we have A1 VOX’s birthday boy – Mr Trevor Nichols! 39 again – but who’s counting. As a special birthday tribute to our dear uncle Trev I have added the below link so you can all watch him in his new TV ad….which funnily enough is promoting….TV advertising!

Doesn’t he look dapper.

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and remember where to come if you need voice talent or audio recordings for said advert! Shameless plug but hey…we are all in it to win it! TOP DRAWER performance Trevor and Happy belated Birthday.

So that concludes business for this week. Wish us luck as the Green Room enters Phase 1 of ‘revamp-gate’ and we will be back next week to bring vocal cheer to the masses.