Andy Loudon

English born, Scottish bred with the vocal scars to show for it!

Andy was born in Watford, but moved to Glasgow when he was a boy, so he had to quickly cultivate a convincing Scottish accent in the interests of survival. At home, though, he continued to practice his BBC English.

This early foray into split-personality disorder kick-started his enthusiasm for acting and accents.
Andy has worked extensively in Theatre, TV and Film. There’s hardly an accent he hasn’t been called upon to use professionally.

Highlights include roles as Gavin, the Glaswegian personal trainer in Monarch of the Glen, Geoff McNeil, a struggling Yorkshire farmer in Peak Practice, and Geoff the gigolo in the classic Ab Fab episode “Sex” – this boy don’t scare easy!

Andy’s warm, reassuring, deep and authoritative tones are often called upon, but equally his versatility is in demand, for a wide range of character roles in commercials, corporates and games, including Dr Who’s The Silence Monster.

Audio Samples

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