Shivering timbers! Things have taken a definite turn to the cold side.

Being ever so British I have been discussing weather fronts all week with a multitude of clients and producers both in Britain and the rest of the world.

On comparing wintry office views with one of our regular radio producers, Eric over at Riviera Radio in Monaco, France, I was sent across a couple of photos as evidence of his opulent winter wonderland.

This is the view from Eric’s office:

Not too shabby.

And this was the view from one of his radio listener’s houses just a stone’s throw away from Eric’s lush 9-5 pad:

I say….what a vista!!!!

Regardless of weather fronts A1 VOX doesn’t just huddle away in the safety confines of the studio.

Chris and Charles regularly trek further afield than London in order to record a regular client.

We are not at liberty to discuss client particulars, but the customer in question frequently changes the recording rendezvous at the last minute due to the nature of their business. We have even journeyed to the coast in a quest to keep smiles on faces.

You see it is our job to make sure we can change our plans, both at the studio and the recording destination to keep everybody happy. Communication is key people, as is swift thinking and a great knowledge of the British transport system and roads!

Unlike my train service provider, A1 VOX go to great lengths to keep clients happy. Both parties reap the benefits, and this makes for a great working relationship. So if anyone out there should need the services of a roaming audio engineer just give A1 a call.

We didn’t have to go very far to record the first guest of the week as Julian Barratt joined us here at A1 VOX HQ.

I often find it interesting meeting comedians to see if they are hilarious in real life or just oddballs with a dark and twisted past.

I guess that coming in for a voice over job doesn’t exactly display every nuance of your character but Julian came across as quiet, very self-deprecating and a totally nice chap.

Julian is an English comedian, musician, music producer, and actor. He is best known for playing “jazz maverick” Howard Moon in cult comedy The Mighty Boosh, which he co-wrote with comedy partner Noel Fielding.

“Noel and I are working apart now, which is quite hard, having made something together. It’s like we’re having affairs but have mutual custody of the kid”

Apart from The Mighty Boosh Julian has had parts in Nathan Barley, Asylum alongside Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, and appeared as The Padre in spoof horror series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.

Julian recently completed his directing debut in Curtains. Set in a Norfolk seaside town it is a dark comedy about a Punch and Judy man. That’s the way to do itsorry.

Julian is now venturing more and more into the world of voice over having put his vocal pout to More Than Insurance, a Directgov advert and narrated the 2011 documentary Seven Dwarves. The mighty voice for little people eh Julian.

So when he is not cavorting around with Noel, what makes this comedian tick?

“Badly spread butter on toast can send me incandescent with rage”

Noted Julian – So if you are having a sleep over in the Barratt household probably best to leave Julian to make the brekkie!

…..Or ask our second guest of the week to make it for you, as next up the stairs was none other than Julian’s partner, and mother to his twin boys – Julia Davis.

Julia is an English comedy writer and performer, but is best known for writing and starring in the BBC Three comedy Nighty Night.

In fact Julia spent three years writing what became one of the darkest comedies seen on television to date. It seems she used her role as sociopathic beauty parlour owner Jill Tyrell to challenge the very notion of what comedy is and can be.

“Jill let me say and do things I would never get away with in real life”

So how did it all start?

Julia used to belong to a comedy troupe which included future Gavin and Stacey co-stars Rob Brydon and Ruth Jones. Her big break came as a regular cast member of Big Train, and her career was given a further boost in 1998 after she sent a tape to Steve Coogan who invited her to write and tour with him.

Julia has starred in many comedy TV shows including I’m Alan Partridge, Big Train, Brass Eye, Jam, Human Remains, and Gavin and Stacey. She has also had roles in films Love Actually, Sex lives of the Potato Men (yes really!) and Confetti.

Julia’s comedy often comes from a dark place and it kind of makes sense that her and Julian gravitated to one another.

So how does Julia feel now that she too has branched out into the voice over industry?:

“You know, my attitude towards work has changed. I used to think that you’d be selling out if you did something like a voice over. Now I don’t think like that. You have got to be realistic”

We are happy that you acknowledge voice over work as credible in its own right Julia…..I guess it will do until you get your next comedy idea riddled with brutality, murder, and sexual deviance eh!

So that concludes our whizz around A1 VOX happenings.

Now go get under a blanket, stay inside, and crank up the cosy factor to an 11/10.