I know you lot out there are all waiting to hear news from the Nove camp, and I can tell you that whilst he is still not back at the office, he has managed a couple of voice over sessions in his local area – and even taken part in a live broadcast!

It seems you can take the leg from underneath him, but you cannot take the wind out of his vocal sails. 

Picture if you will our very own Mr Nove gathering cobwebs, (as one does), sitting n the waiting room of the fracture clinic; leg in brace, phone in hand, – jabbering away to Radio Berkshire!

Not only that but he was being interviewed by none other than presenting veteran – Anne Diamond

It really beggars belief.

It seems that Anne has also had a recent stumble and was doing an impromptu piece on falling over.   

One of her colleagues at the station, (happening to be a mate of Charles), regaled her with Mr Nove’s own sorry tale and ‘hey presto’, radio gold was created…(live and un-solicited to the good folk of Berkshire and beyond).

Well it passes the time doesn’t it!?

Before we launch any deeper into this weeks blog I would like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to our beautiful Eleanor Howell who got hitched to her very own superstar boyfriend, Steve Meo

They had a festival theme for their big day and even named the event WEDSTOCK – genius!

They really are a gorgeous pair and everyone here at A1 VOX wishes them all the very best.  (We will post some pics for you as soon as we have anything hot off the press peeps).


Of a morning I often catch up on Hollywood celeb gossip from Los Angeles based correspondent Ross King as he reports back to Daybreak and Lorraine.  So it was with some excitement that I got to meet him at VOX Towers only the other week.

Now I know I usually say how nice our guests are but Ross has to be one of my all time favourites.  Yes…. he was sporting a rather LA type perma tan, and…. Yes….. he had a very jazzy powder blue suit on, but living in LA for 12 years will leave its mark people.

One thing it hasn’t tainted or changed is Ross’ ……Rossiness!?

He turned up early and was quite happy to chat away in the Green Room with his usual on screen, relaxed persona, (not a farce folks).  It was like watching the telly except I was the one interviewing him!

I asked him what it was like living in LA and he really seems to love the place, though he also likes to get home and across the pond as much as possible.

We got talking voice over chit chat and he told me that over there you have to audition for absolutely EVERYTHING.  In fact you even have to audition to get a voice agent.

So it seems that someone as established as Ross still had to take his time to break into the American scene.

Luckily he kept going and now has a voice agent over in the States and hob nobs with all of A-List society.

Once I started researching Ross, I couldn’t believe how much he has already done ahead of his successful LA career.

He is one of Britain’s most vibrant and versatile award winning performers having worked on stage, screen and radio. He made his first stage performance at the tender age of five, first radio broadcast when he was 15, and his television debut at 17!

Ross has been on national American television hosting “The Hollywood Christmas Parade” and “The Critics Choice Movie Awards Red Carpet” for VH1. For five years, Scottish born Ross was the Entertainment Anchor on KTLA/The CW Channel 5’s Prime News, winning four Emmys and a Golden Mic award along the way.

His film credits include “The Day After Tomorrow, “Half Past Dead”, ”Cruel Game”, ”Do It For Uncle Manny”, and “Trust Me”, playing US talk show host Ray Lungo. He played himself in the movies “Young Hercules” and “Who’s Your Caddy”. He even voiced the role of “Jinkins” in “Star Wars, Jedi Fighter 2” for Lucas Arts. 

He was nominated for a prestigious Laurence Olivier Award playing “Frank-n-Furter” in “The Rocky Horror Show”.  He had 6 days to learn the songs, words and dance routines and then takeover from pal Jason Donovan.  No mean feat!

His relaxed and informal style has resulted in some of the best interviews with many of the world’s biggest stars including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Robin Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, and even Prime Minister Tony Blair. Never one to miss an opportunity, Ross has also “sung and danced” withDiana Ross and Donald O’Connor.  (Now he’s just showing off!)

On radio Ross became Britain’s youngest daytime host on Scotland’s Radio Clyde, winning many awards in the process… the highlight being a prestigious Sony Award. He has hosted thousands of radio shows, including London’s Capital Radio and the Euro Chart for the UK.

He also achieved a lifelong ambition co-hosting the American Weekly Top 40 countdown alongside the Legendary DJ Rick Dees.

His radio show “The King in LA” is syndicated across the UK and Ross is the voice of American Express…but sadly he can’t pay off your debts.


He’s one of the few people to have played Wembley three times. Twice scoring a goal, (he could have been a contender Charlie), and once supporting Bros.

And who could forget Ross, and pal Pat Sharp rapping “Rapper’s Delight”……erm hopefully….everybody !?

His childhood heroes were (and still are) his Dad and legendary Scots comedian Jack Milroy. His grown up hero is his sister Elaine who he describes as ‘indescribable!! She’s simply the best!’

I think it is this last fact which sums up Ross beautifully. 

He may mix with the A List but if he had his own guest list to create the people at the top would be his family.  He obviously has solid grounding, which has definitely been a winning attribute to his success.

I saw first hand what a genuine person he is as on his way out of the studio he made a point of stopping by my office, popped his head round the door, and said ‘Thanks and goodbye Sarah’ – yup, he even remembered the name of little old me!

What a gent, and what a resume!


Stephen Critchlow is currently treading the boards at the Criterion Theatre in 39 Steps.

But what does a London west end cast do in its down time?

West End Eurovision Contest is what!!!!

A packed Dominion Theatre exploded with glamour, glitz and sequins in a glitter-strewn tribute to the continent’s cheesiest pop competition in aid of the Make A Difference Trust.

Stars including Pixie Lott and Gok Wan were among the audience for the late-night show hosted by Gaby Roslin and EastEnders actor John Partridge.

The event, in its fifth year, saw West End casts compete by singing old Eurovision songs, aiming to win the votes of the audience and celebrity judges.

Tony Blackburn, on the celebrity judging panel, said: 

“Personally I think this is better than Eurovision, because at the end of the night someone from England walks off with the prize”

Critch told me that:

‘The contest was won by the cast of Sweeney Todd who actually had Michael Ball reprising his 1982 entry One Step At A Time. How can you possibly compete with that? Talk about rigged!’

You were robbed Critch!

According to Critch, This is the historic moment that changed the way we think about dance’
Yes folks…What you are seeing is the cast of The 39 Steps performing the Schmetterlinge 1977 Eurovision entry, Boom Boom Boomerang.

Critch was immediately offered 18 months in Shrek.

That is apparently not true but you can still catch him at the Criterion.

Join us next week when we will have some gorgeous pics from Ellie’s wedding, we will be talking to the super lush Max Beesley, and we will see how Nick Chambers is doing as he continues to ham it up in the Great Gatsby.