Hey folks and welcome to the first of our summer blogs –  (I know, I know..what ruddy summer!) 

It has been a while and believe it or not a lot has happened!

Our blushing bride Eleanor…..now……Mrs Meo…. is back from her honeymoon and has sent us a couple of choice photos from her very special day at the Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury.

Ellie looked absolutely stunning and it has to be said that Steve cut quite the dashing figure as they said their I Do’s on the May bank holiday.  God was shining down on them as Tetbury was literally the only place in the country that didn’t get any rain that day.

Rays of sunshine for our little ray of voicing delight!!!!

And here she is with her super glam bevvy of beauties.


What a gorgeous couple they are and her clever hubby, (and guest voice artist of A1 VOX), Steve Meo,  has just finished filming the most recent Heineken (The Switch) advert – check it out here people, it will give you a thirst for the golden nectar!:

Mark Straker has seen baby part deux welcomed into the world so we would like to say a massive “Congratulations”, and rousing vocal hello, to little baby Cosmo.

Nick Chambers is now back with us after his successful stint in The Great Gatsby, as is Tracy Wiles, who makes a welcome return to the A1 fold after finishing her much loved turn in radio rep.

Big news of the week is that the captain of our merry ship also made a come back.  The breaking story is that…. the leg brace is off!!!!!!!  Charles, it is good to see you standing, and walking, though the talking side of things never left this voicing professional!

Yes – Charles has been back riding those airwaves for a while now, and this week he was involved in a big awards show for the pharmaceuticals industry.  Cue lots of complicated medical and medicinal pronunciations to challenge even the most seasoned of voice-over artists.

Jimmy Carr was hosting on stage, and according to Charles he opened with this hum dinger:

“I’ve had a great couple of weeks………if you believe that there’s no such thing as bad publicity!”

Oh Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.

Chris took a much deserved holiday and the tall man, and pro in the know, Mr Ross Burman took the studio mantel once again.

It was a busy old couple of weeks yet Ross took it all in his size 12 stride, (he is really is a very tall man!).

He even ventured over to Christie’s main HQ in St James’ Street for an outside record.  This is something that we at A1 VOX are doing more and more, so if anyone cannot get to the studio, or needs us to ‘hike the mic’ to their business, just give us a call.

We understand how hard life is to juggle these days, and people can’t often find the time in their busy schedules to break free of the office and attend a recording at the studio.  We aim to please and make life that little bit easier, so just like a mobile disco, we bring the vocal music machine wherever it is needed – though far more technically sound, sans cheesy lights, and not an Agadoo in sight!

On this particular occasion Ross was escorted into a private room to set up for the session.  The room was completely bare save for one tiny framed picture on the wall.  Half way through the recording Ross had to push the pause button as a small troupe of people made their way into the room.

After much cooing over the drawing, the arty throng left the room and the curator turned to Ross and said ‘ I guess it isn’t every day that you get to share your space with a Rembrandt!’

So whilst it may take a few such sessions for A1 VOX to make the sort of money that the Rembrandt fetched, it is still very nice to be able to record in such salubrious surroundings.  I wonder where we will record next?  It just goes to show how technology can make anything possible.
We have been priviledged with many a celebrity over these stormy summer months and I will be bringing you snippets of each visit in the next few weeks.  Brian Blessed made an appearance regaling us with his mountaineering exploits and space travel plans…yes really!…….and told me how much he likes coming into A1 because everyone is so friendly and we are always smiling.   So it seems our mantra of Soho’s friendliest Studio rings true.
Lynda Bellingham came to visit looking, (and smelling), as great as ever.   She is extremely personable and once in the Green Room she was chatty and friendly to everyone there.  She told us all about her day thus far and seemed to fit right in with the A1 gang.  I don’t know what it is about our Green Room but most people, (just as with Mr Blessed), seem to come in with a smile on their face, and if they don’t they usually leave with one.

Lynda has had a successful TV and stage career (Calendar Girls, All Creatures Great and Small, panellist in Loose Women), but I (and many besides) will always remember Lynda as Britains fav mum in the infamous OXO aderts.
For 16 years the ads were one of British TV’s most successful soap operas. After a series of 42 advertisements the campaign ended in 1999 though the company decided to create a 21st-century version of the clan whose lives were transformed so magically by a simple stock cube.  Remember this?

Gloria Hunniford joined us for a session last week and just like Lynda she swept in all grins, teeth, and good grace.

Gloria comes from the old school of radio presenting having pretty much started off on her own daily radio show on BBC Radio 2.

She has appeared in numerous programmes including Gloria Live, Wogan, Holiday, Songs of Praise and Open House with Gloria Hunniford.  She has won awards including Personality of the Year and Best Dressed Female – I can personally vouch that the lady has style!

Sadly Gloria is often also remembered for the death of her celebrity daughter, Caron Keating, who died of breast cancer in 2004. 

Gloria tells of a white feather falling at her feet during Caron’s funeral, when there was no evidence of where it came from.  She claims to often find white feathers in unusual places such as studios, which she believes are a message card from her daughter, informing her that she is in a good place.

Gloria is currently on the box in Rip Off Britain, and along with Julia Somerville and Angela Rippon, she tackles the nation’s consumer nightmares.  You go girls!

So there ends the round up of all news from VOX Towers.  Fingers crossed that this time next week we will all be basking in some much needed sunshine – if not ….ah well we will just have to soldier on British stylee – stiff upper lip, best foot forward, and of course – carry on talking.