Go Team GB!  Well what an Olympics.  I hope everyone’s voices at A1 VOX have finally recovered after screaming at the TV for the last two weeks. 

It all seems a very long time ago already so lets get down to A1 VOX business.

Some of the producers that call in regularly may have had the pleasure to speak with Miss Nicola Noakes.  Nicola has been doing a spot of work experience with us as part of her radio production university course. 

If you are undertaking the radio route of things then our very own Mr Nove – the big A1 cheese, and BBC guru – is a pretty good teacher to have. 

Nicola took on various tasks throughout her stint both in the office with myself, and in the studio with Chris.  She even got to edit an actual session, under the watchful eye of Charles.  Yes Nicola was ‘spinning the platters that matter’and doing a fine job of it – so well done Nicola and thank you for your help over the summer.


Whilst I may not have secured a place competing in the Olympics Gyles Brandreth made sure that I kept myself trim by running up and down the stairs.

All very bizarre but Gyles bought his wife along to the studio as they were leaving for their holiday after the session.  They were both looking forward to their impending break and were full of joie de vivre.

So it came as no surprise that ten minutes later Gyles called to say that his wife had left her jacket in their taxi, and as he was now officially on holiday, would I mind collecting it from said taxi and keeping it safe at A1 VOX.

Well who am I to deny a celeb, especially one that dines with the Queen, so naturally I said I would pick up the jacket/gauntlet and save the day.

Down the stairs I went clutching the piece of paper with the car registration Gyles had dictated.

On entering pavement level there was no sign of the taxi and running up and down Old Compton Street deemed fruitless too.

So back up the stairs I went –phones ringing off the hook – I answer…it’s Gyles.  The taxi couldn’t stop so it’s taking the jacket to the depot instead, terribly sorry and the such.

Phone goes again.  BBC client (who had booked Gyles)….taxi is now on its way back round so would I mind going downstairs again.

Of course not – said through a bit of huffing and puffing by now.

Back down the stairs I go.

And so this jolly game of cat and mouse continued until I finally saw the silver grey taxi turn the corner into Old Compton Street – and more importantly……he saw me!!.  We were like star crossed lovers……

He wound down his window – I ran towards him with my arms open – he flings the jacket from the saloon – I catch it with a whoop of joy – he signals a successful drop off with the obligatory thumbs up – I too give him the thumbs up – many people on Old Compton Street are a little confused as to what they have just observed.

I run back upstairs – phones still ringing off the hook – I answer…it’s Gyles – I have made his day and he then tells me how jolly marvellous I am.  So I guess it was all worth it.

So you see being an Operations Manager of a voice recording studio rarely sees two days being the same…..thank god!

We had plenty more to celebrate at A1 VOX this week as we found ourselves in the presence of golden actress – Greta Scacchi.

For all those that didn’t study Italian, her surname means ‘chess’.

Greta has had a prolific international career, having made European, American and Australian films.

She has also starred alongside many a fancy fellow/fellow’ess:

Harrison Ford, in crime thriller Presumed Innocent, Tim Robbins, in Hollywood satire The Player, opposite Alan Rickman’s mad monk in Rasputin and with Gywneth Paltrow in Emma.

One of the best well known facts about Greta is that she turned down the role of Catherine Trammell in Basic Instinct.  Yes..thatrole that propelled Sharon Stone into the big time.  Who would have thought that crossing your legs instead of uncrossing them could gain such notoriety!? 

However Greta’s talent of speaking four different languages (English, French, German and Italian) has made her a popular choice for European casting directors so maybe it is a case of ‘checkmate’ from Greta who really didn’t need to swivel seductively with all her wares on show to land prestigious roles.

She was very gracious on arrival to the studio and was quite taken with Chris who was ever the gentleman and looked after her exceptionally well.  Our client wrote to me the following week and passed on how highly Greta had spoken of the running of the session, which is high praise indeed, so well done team VOX!


Next in the A1 VOX spotlight is James Cosmo.  James has been mentioned on the blog before but in case you missed that instalment (shame on you if you did!), he is probably best known for his role as the grizzled warrior, Campbell, in Braveheart.  He was also the brainchild of a major film project about Scottish poet Robert Burns.  He chose Edinburgh as the setting, got Scottish writer Alan Sharp to pen the script and Scottish composer Derek William Dick to write the overture.  It seems James is as patriotic as they come! 

In the critically acclaimed Trainspotting, he played the father of an Edinburgh heroin addict and funnily enough James also played alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma. Had he been in at the same time as Greta we could have set up a discussion group – subject: Jane Austen.

Most recently, for all those self confessed Game of Thronesgeeks out there (I can safely say that as myself and Chris are addicted to the books!), James is playing Jeor Mormont, the Old Bear.  He appears in the HBO series and voices the same character in the computer game.  Double whammy.

I was on holiday when he came in so I didn’t get to quiz him on being part of this ‘of the moment’ medieval fantasy fiction world.  More’s the pity for me…..but probably a lucky escape for James!

So that is it for now.  I do believe that the sun is getting its arms and legs out this weekend so let’s do the same – HURRAH!  It’s Friday afternoon and nearly Pimms O’Clock so enjoy folks!